Why you should subscribe to Accelerating IT Success!

Celebrating 10 years!

Accelerating IT Success, commonly known as (AITS), is a series of IT-related journals covering many subjects. It will help you push your firm to the pinnacle of success.

What is Accelerating IT Success?

AITS was first published in 2012 by Computer Aid, Inc. as an internal learning and teaching aid. Most of its journals are published weekly via email.

The AITS Journals cover many subjects, including IT management functions, cybersecurity, IT governance, project management, etc.

Exploring AITS, you may discover published papers by known publishers like Clayton Christensen, Gary Hamel, and others. The magazine is produced in 13 languages to reach a diverse audience and provide information on significant developments in particular sectors.

Read by IT Managers and Professionals worldwide!

Who are the readers of AITS?

Many individuals refer to AITS as “a resource for IT Professionals.” If we claim that the IT managers and executives around the globe read AITS Journals, we are not mistaken. Successful IT Managers, executives, and professionals read AITS journals to understand IT management trends, paradigms, and problems more. If you run an IT department or work for an IT decision-maker in any organization and want to be more successful, you should be reading AITS Journals.

How Much do AITS Journal subscriptions cost?

Most AITS Journals are at no cost… at the moment.  Which is an excellent reason to subscribe now. However, the AITS Data & Analytics Journal offers a premium subscription. Each membership level has different pricing and set of benefits.

The advantages of each of your AITS subscription includes

  • Unrestricted access to all articles
  • Access to the 12,000 article AITS archive
  • Weekly email newsletter updates
  • Original content articles from industry leaders

Is it worth it to get your AITS subscription?

Suppose you are an employee of any business or in a position of IT decision-making for an organization.  The AITS Journals contain all you need to learn and apply to enhance your value to the organization… and rise within that organization. Without a doubt, AITS can assist you in improving your management abilities.

If you are a company executive, you must be at least versed in the primary issues facing IT, and to do that; your AITS subscription will assist you in every way imaginable. It will keep you up to speed on all the newest IT management trends and leadership techniques to help you become the best future leader. The AITS Journals are a must-read.

The premium membership is of absolute value within those domains. The subscription also grants you unrestricted access to its digital archive, which is otherwise limited to a few views each month, and then it will ask you to subscribe to complete reading.

Pros and cons of AITS subscription

Pros of AITS Subscriptions

  • An excellent time-saving resource for developing IT management and leadership abilities.
  • One of the most natural learning resources.
  • Unrestricted access to all articles.
  • Reasonably priced subscription for premium content.
  • Weekly professional development links to related films and podcasts from numerous industry professionals.
  • Of course, all subscriptions can be canceled at any time.

Cons of AITS Subscriptions

  • Long-form original articles are available elsewhere.
  • Some article summaries are not thorough enough to provide comprehensive information.

AITS Subscriptions vs. other magazines

An AITS subscription should be considered the ultimate option for anybody who wants to learn and keep up to speed about IT management quickly. However, there are other resources online for those wishing to delve deeper into these subjects.

But most AITS subscribers, when questioned, see the enormous time savings by using their subscription. They prefer to have these articles summarized and presented to them weekly via an AITS journal.

When it comes to subscription costs, all of these magazines vary somewhat, but AITS has proved to be the best value and choice of many successful IT professionals around the globe. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to AITS today, polish your skills with advice from industry experts, and be updated weekly with the latest trends and studies on IT-related topics.

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